Low-dose CT

TAC low-dose Roma Villa Margherita

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    At Villa Margherita comes the new low-dose CT: high-resolution tomography and low dosage of radiation

    The newest low-dose CT scan is now available in Rome, a diagnostic tool that brings together the best of scientific research and innovation: high resolution images, high speed, reduction of radiation dosage and injected contrast, the latter crucial factors for the management of risk for the patient, especially for those suffering from kidney failure.

    For each tomography, the machine can reduce the radiation dose administered to the patient by up to 90%. To carry out a cardiological examination we go from about 15 mSv – or millisievert, the unit of measurement of the equivalent radiation dose that determines the effects and damage caused by radiation on an organism – to less than one mSv; to carry out a thoracic examination instead we use a quantity of radiation less than 0.2 mSv.
    Another huge advantage of this scanner’s speed and low radiation dosage is that examinations can also be performed on advanced cancer patients and children thanks to the Infant Calibration Phantom, a unique tool that allows you to calibrate the parameters of the system so as to optimize it for scanning newborn and infant patients and always get amazing images. And that makes a real difference today.

    With each rotation, the low-dose CT can capture images in a few seconds and photograph up to 256 layers: thanks to the speed of execution and the high power, any type of examination can be carried out (cerebral, thoracic-pulmonary, abdominal, vascular, urological, orthopaedic), but it is particularly suitable for cardiological and coronary examinations.
    With the old machines for heart tomography, the patient had to stay still and hold his breath for 10/15 seconds. With this new CT scan, a heart scan and a still image can be achieved in less than a second, without affecting the image quality. Thanks to the high number of layers detected, it is also possible to carry out screening for serious diseases such as lung cancer, facilitating early detection in high-risk patients and contributing to the prevention and early intervention of the disease.

    The system is also equipped with a brand new technology for image reconstruction that allows to improve the quality, making them appear sharper and with a better resolution of contrast than the old systems, and can examine in a single second almost 30 cm of body volume and distinguish the smallest anatomical details thanks to a sub-millimetric resolution. These elements contribute to the correctness of the diagnosis and the health of the patient.

    With this new investment in terms of modernity and precision, Villa Margherita enriches its already wide range of services for the prevention and well-being of patients and continues its high profile path based on the highest standards of innovation and quality with its professionals, always updated and attentive to improvement.