CSQ Certification

The quality management system of the Villa Margherita nursing home, according to the international standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, has been certified by CSQ (one of the most prestigious certification bodies). The certification obtained is also recognized internationally through the IQNET Federation.

The achievement of this prestigious recognition guarantees the ability of the Organization to deliver, effectively and efficiently, a service that meets the requests, expectations and needs expressed or implied by the customer / patient.

With the construction of the Quality Management System, the Company Management has intended, in particular, to introduce within the Organization a process of continuous improvement whose purpose is:

  • the optimisation of the relationship between the Structure and the Client, focusing attention on the humanisation of performance and on the ability to listen to the needs of the patient
  • the greater satisfaction of the needs of the Professional Doctors who operate as partners of the Structure in order to place them in the best operating conditions
  • the improvement of the working culture through greater attention to the full use of available resources, as well as to processes and results
  • the availability of state-of-the-art plants, equipment and machinery capable of providing instrumental, diagnostic, therapeutic and support services with high quality standards;
  • the change in the way of living and participating in the Company by staff, focusing on the enhancement of skills and the continuous updating of professional know-how.

The general strategy of the Corporate Management can be summarized in the implementation of the classic Deming cycle (PDCA) aimed at continuous improvement of the system.

Efficiency, effectiveness, safety, acceptability, satisfaction, ethicality, appropriateness, timeliness and accessibility are concrete attributes of the services made available by an organisation which, by identifying the fundamental component of clinical, welfare and administrative actions in respect of the patient, with a constant focus on excellence, applies with determination the principle of continuous improvement in quality.

The sensitivity, the strong human skills, the high professionalism of the medical and paramedical staff involved all tend towards the achievement of the objectives set by the Top Management and the satisfaction of the customer-patient and his family.

For all these reasons, the Villa Margherita Treatment Center intends to pursue its mission in order to ensure the broadest integration of care and organizational processes with the attention to the centrality of the patient, his needs and desires, harmonizing them with the expectations of other parties involved in the operation of the company.