Patient rights

The founding principle on which the assistance provided by the Villa Margherita Treatment Center is based is that of the “centrality of the patient”. The response to the need for health, respect for the person, the guarantee of assistance and comfort of the highest quality are the basis of our service.

For this reason, the Villa Margherita Treatment Center intends to guarantee the patient:

  • A correct information on the organization and access to services in a short time;
  • The right to free choice of the medical team;
  • Full and informed consent on the techniques of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation;
  • Respect for personal dignity and moral, political and religious beliefs;
  • Quality services with constant updating of processes;
  • The easy identification of all internal personnel with their respective qualifications;
  • The right to express one’s opinion on the quality of the services received;
  • The right to respect for privacy (UE GDPR).