Villa Margherita is a private nursing home that has been operating continuously since 1948. Since then, many professionals, especially from prestigious universities and hospitals, have carried out their activities at our facility and, to date, university professors and specialists from all branches of medicine exercise their activities there.

The Villa Margherita clinic has the latest generation of instruments and technologies, diagnostic instruments and images, laboratory analysis, available 24 hours a day. The company philosophy of the private nursing home Villa Margherita is aimed at guaranteeing the patient the possibility to take advantage of qualified diagnostic-therapeutic treatments, in a short time and with the greatest guarantees of seriousness and competence. We are looking for motivated staff ready to participate in the needs of the patient.

The principles at the base of our philosophy

  • Passion for the profession
  • Attention and courtesy
  • Participation and understanding
  • Efficiency and effectiveness
  • Safeguard the correct doctor-patient relationship

In particular, the Villa Margherita nursing home intends to safeguard:

  • respect for personal dignity and moral, political and religious beliefs;
  • the right to freedom of choice of the medical team and the techniques of treatment;
  • access to the structure in a short time;
  • quality assurance and constant updating of quality control processes;
  • adequate information on the characteristics of the health care structure, on the services provided, on the methods of access and on internal organisation;
  • appropriate and comprehensible information on diagnoses and therapeutic actions, in order to be able to express an effectively informed consent.