Sport traumatology & regenerative medicine

The Congress, free of charge, is accredited with 7.3 ECM credits, and is reserved for General Practitioners, Specialists in Orthopaedics, Doctors of all specialties, Doctors of Law, Physiotherapists and Nursing Sciences.

President of the congress Dott. Ezio Adriani
Scientific Secretariat Dr. Michele Lepore

Sports traumatology has a prominent role in sports medicine and there are several studies and research that deal with this medical discipline. The treatment of “sports” injury in an athlete often involves different problems: the athlete asks the type of injury he is suffering from, the cause that determined it, the time of recovery and resumption of sporting activity, the possibility of returning to the competitive abilities prior to the trauma, the possibility of a recurrence. Increasingly, in the search to completely help the sportsman, the orthopedist is supported by new methods of regenerative medicine. Regenerative medicine is an interdisciplinary field that includes physics, chemistry and biology in which the principles of engineering and life science are applied with the aim of developing new biological therapies, new systems and materials for the repair or regeneration of tissues or organs. This is of particular importance in orthopaedic surgery applied to sport. At present, numerous preclinical studies and initial clinical studies are available with scientific evidence favorable to the introduction of biological therapies in clinical practice. This new biological scenario relates to the purely technical aspects of traditional surgery, creating a mix between surgeons and biologists. The event is aimed at deepening the most modern research in the field of regenerative medicine of the musculoskeletal system applied to the traumatology of sport and to provide more knowledge to general practitioners on techniques and materials used by the specialist and thus promote greater integration between two important actors, Specialist and Physician.

8,00 Registration of participants
Greetings from the Chairman Dr Ezio Adriani

8,20 Sports traumatology & regenerative medicine
Dr Michele Lepore

8.40 Imaging in sports trauma
Dr Stefano Perotti

9.00 Acute sports trauma: treatment strategies
Dr Alessandro Pignata

9.20 Pain therapy
Dr Giovanni Liberatori

9.40 The role of physical medicine and rehabilitation
Dr. Maria Luisa Lapenna

10,00 Coffee break
new therapeutic strategies

10,30 Supplements: what role can they play?
Dr. Giuseppina Miceli

10,50 Hyaluronic acid: how, when and why…
Dr Alberto Migliore

11,10 Biological strategies: medical-legal issues
Dr.ssa C. Canzi

11.30 PRP: what it is and when I use it
Dr Andrea Alfieri, Dr E. De Fenu

11.50 Clinical cases and discussion
Dr Ezio Adriani
Footballer’s knee trauma
Shoulder trauma in the rugby player

12,20 Adipose tissue: what the biologist says
Dr Giorgio Marchesan

12,40 The plastic surgeon: how to perform an adipose tissue removal and how to process it
Prof Bruno Carlesimo, Dr Marco Ruggiero

13,00 The use of stromal vascular cells of adipose tissue: clinical experience
Dr Berardino Di Paola

13.20 Clinical cases and discussion
Dr Ezio Adriani
Trauma of the ankle in the runner
Wrist trauma in tennis player

13,50 Lunch

14,30 Infiltration techniques and practical tests on dummy
Dr Michele Lepore

16,00 Interactive discussion of reports and conclusions

17,00 ECM test

17.20 Closing of works

02 Dec 2017 - 08:00-17:20

Circolo ufficiali "Casa dell’Aviatore"

Viale dell'Università, 20, Roma, RM, Italia

Event in collaboration with Villa Margherita
Event accessible only to doctors

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