The Neurology Unit of Villa Margherita provides both diagnostic tests and hospitalization for the treatment of diseases affecting the nervous system.

The examinations offered by the neurology clinics are:

  • Electron urography that allows the evaluation of the sensory and motor peripheral nerves of the upper, lower and facial limbs, through the application of electrical stimuli delivered through surface electrodes. The neurophysiological parameters of the recorded responses (distal latencies, amplitude and conduction velocity) are compared with reference values, normalized by age, height, and skin temperature.
  • Electromyography that evaluates the characteristics of muscle activity, recorded by needle electrodes inserted into the muscle. The activity of muscle fibres is examined at rest and during voluntary contraction. The presence or absence of spontaneous electrical activity in resting conditions, the morphology of Motor Unit Potentials (MUP) and the type of muscle recruitment with voluntary effort are assessed.


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