Our team of specialists in ENT surgery will be able to solve all the major diseases affecting the ENT and cervical-facial district. The treatments that are usually carried out at the Villa Margherita Treatment Center concern:

  • Oncological head and neck surgery
  • Endoscopic microsurgery of the larynx and oral cavity using lasers
  • Neck surgery (parotid, salivary glands, thyroid, cysts, lymph nodes)
  • Surgery of snoring and nocturnal apnea (OSAS)
  • Functional and aesthetic nose surgery (Septoplasty and Rhinoseptoplasty)
  • Middle ear microsurgery (Stapedotomy, Stapedectomy, Timpanoplasty)
  • Acoustic and facial nerve neurinoma surgery
  • Traditional paediatric surgery (Adenoidectomy, Tonsillectomy)
  • There is also an outpatient clinic capable of providing diagnostic services.

I nostri medici

  • Otorinolaringoiatria
  • Prof. Marco De Vincentiis
  • Dott. Andrea Gallo
  • Dott. Luca Margheritini
  • Otorinolaringoiatria - Foniatria
  • Dott. Ferdinando Maria Nobili Benedetti