Phlebology and vascular surgery

Phlebology is the branch of angiology, which is concerned with the pathophysiology of the venous system of the human body.

Vascular surgery is a branch of surgery that has as its therapeutic objectives the pathologies of the arteries and veins.

These two specializations, acting in synchrony and making use of specific clinical experiences, allow to improve the quality of life of a high percentage of the population (about 30-40%) who suffer from vascular diseases of the lower limbs.
The different therapeutic approaches make it possible to diagnose and treat the different phlebological clinical pictures present, sometimes very different from each other, not only from one patient to another, but also in the same patient.
It is therefore necessary to work as a team with specific expertise in phlebology that dialogues with each other to obtain a proper diagnosis and, consequently, an integral treatment of venous disease of the lower limbs.

The specialist medical-surgical team at Villa Margherita offers the following services:

  • Phlebological medical examination
  • Diagnostic eco-colordoppler
  • Diagnosis of advanced venous pathology with CT, MRI, phlebography
  • Treatment of varicose veins in the lower limbs with:
    • Endoluminal laser saphenous therapy
    • Conventional surgical therapy (stripping)
    • Outpatient phlebectomy
  • Treatment of telangiectase-varicosity with:
    • Sclerotherapy
    • Ecosclerotherapy with foam
  • Treatment of ulcerative lesions of the lower limbs with:
    • Elastocompression
    • Advanced dressings
    • Skin transplants

I nostri medici

  • Prof. Alberto Caggiati
  • PROF. Roberto Palumbo
  • PROF. Bruno Salvati
  • PROF. Francesco Speziale