In the field of traditional radiodiagnostics, Villa Margherita boasts over fifty years of experience and expertise that make it a reference point for the reliability and seriousness that distinguish it.

The Laboratory has two distinct radiological sections that can work autonomously simultaneously.

The rich range of radiological equipment and accessories available allows diagnostic presentations to be carried out with dedicated equipment capable of ensuring better image quality, greater diagnostic capacity and a lower dose of radiation administered to the patient.

I nostri medici

  • Prof. Mario Bezzi
  • Prof. Alessandro Bozzao
  • Prof. Luigi Bozzao
  • Dott.ssa Laura Broglia
  • Dott. Luigi Fausto Calabria
  • Dott. Fabrizio Lucherini
  • Prof.ssa Francesca Maccioni
  • Dott.ssa Annelisa Marsella
  • Dott.ssa Raffaella Fausta Pastore
  • Dott. Stefano Perotti
  • Dott.ssa Federica Pediconi
  • Dott. Michele Rossi