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TAC low-dose Roma Villa Margherita

Low-dose CT

At Villa Margherita comes the new low-dose CT: high-resolution tomography and low dosage of radiation The newest low-dose CT scan is now available in Rome, a diagnostic tool that brings together the best of scientific research and innovation: high resolution images, high speed, reduction of radiation dosage and injected contrast, the latter crucial factors for […]

Ophthalmology availability 24 hours a day

The Ophthalmology Unit of the Clinic, composed of Specialists in Ophthalmology, offers the possibility of continuous access, every day including holidays, ensuring a constant service of availability. In addition to normal routine activities (visits, surgery, specialist examinations), the service is aimed at emergencies and at all patients with serious and less serious eye diseases, for […]

[ph] Mario Rossi

Harmony prenatal test

The Harmony test assesses the risk of fetal trisomy in pregnancies of 10 weeks or more and also includes the option for assessing the Y chromosome, which can provide information on the sex of the fetus. PRENATAL HARMONY TEST It is a non-invasive prenatal diagnostic test that accurately detects the most common fetal trisomies, trisomy […]

Screening for aneuploidies: the combined test (bi-test)

COMBINED SCREENING The most effective method of screening for Down syndrome currently available is based on the combination of various factors. It starts from the maternal age to define the basic risk and this is then modified and customized for that specific pregnancy based on the results of an ultrasound scan performed between 11 and […]

Breast Tomosynthesis

(DIGITAL BREAST TOMOSYNTHESIS – DBT) It is a three-dimensional digital diagnostic technology, evolution of the current and well known mammography, with which images are acquired from different angles, stratified and then reconstructed. The end result is a set of layers that include the entire breast, then displayed, as with CT, one by one or in […]

MRI (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging)

Among the equipment, all at the forefront, there is also a latest generation Nuclear Magnetic Resonance that allows you to perform advanced studies such as AngioMagnetic Resonance, spectroscopy, diffusion, perfusion, as well as a multi-layer spiral CT that allows you to generate high-resolution images, to perform angiographic studies, two color-double ultrasound scanners of the latest […]

Interventional radiology

Villa Margherita is equipped with the best technology to perform procedures of interventional radiology such as thermoablation, drainage, needleaspirations, needlebiospie and vertebroplasty thanks to the school born from the experience of Prof. Plinio Rossi, the radiologist who introduced interventional radiology in Italy. There are also two sections of traditional radiology that can work independently simultaneously.

MonnaLisa Touch

Villa Margherita offers a MonaLisa Touch™ clinic, followed by Dr. Roberto Senatori, for the study and treatment of disorders related to vaginal atrophy due to lack of estrogens. Among the various methods aimed at combating menopausal disorders, the MonaLisa Touch™ laser technology has proved to be an effective non-pharmacological therapy, non-surgical and, above all, free […]